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Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Travelers

2018 Jet Setter Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, with Christmas soon to follow. Here is a roundup of gifts that would be great for any frequent or business traveler in your life. Most of the items listed are items that I currently own and love and there are a few others that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection. Hope this helps!

  • Packing Cubes: these are a game changer when it comes to keeping your luggage organized. I’ve linked to the brand that I own, but there are tons of colors and options available, including those that compress your clothing down to save space.

  • Toiletry Bag: Here is the toiletry bag that matches my packing cubes. It holds all of my essentials and the pockets on the end are perfect for keeping my makeup brushes from getting mangled during transit.

  • Anker Power Pack: A charging pack is great for when there aren’t any available outlets nearby. I just ordered this one for my upcoming trip. It has a ton of great reviews, but I’ll report back on how well it works for me. 

  • Dual Voltage curling iron/flat iron: Its such a relief knowing that I’m not going to fry my electronics every time I travel overseas. I currently own and love the SwanMyst flat iron, but it isn’t currently available online, though the curling iron is. I’ve also heard great things about GHD electronics if you don’t mind spending a bit more.

  • Delsey Luggage: This is the luggage that I currently own and love. It’s a great bag that has held up for multiple international and cross country flights. It’s large enough to pack everything you need, with room to spare, and I’ve never faced an overweight luggage issue. Delsey is also offering 20% off right now on their website.

  • Passport Cover: I like keeping my passport in a cover because it keeps it from getting bent or warped. This is the updated version of the one that I currently have. There are literally tons of options out there to suite every personality. Mark & Graham and Etsy are good websites to check out.

  • Travel Steamer: In Europe, it’s rare to find irons in hotel rooms and many apartments. A travel steamer ensures that you’re clothes can look fresh and wrinkle-free no matter where the road takes you.

  •  Travel Pillow: A travel pillow is a must have! I personally like having one that is inflatable because it is easy to pack and I can adjust the firmness to whatever suits me.

  • Bose Headphones: These are definitely a luxury, but are certainly worth the splurge. They have made long haul flights a little more bearable and I find it almost impossible to fly without them.

  • Gorilla Pod: Any packable tripod would be a nice gift for someone who enjoys solo travel or photography. A Gorilla Pod goes a step further enabling you to attache the tripod to almost any nearby surface. There are a few different options so make sure you select the one that best suites you and your chosen photography setup.

  • Apple Adapters: While most computers today are dual voltage, you will still have to plug them into an adaptor for each country. This set eliminates the need to use your current plug and an adaptor by plugging your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad directly into the wall.

  • Jewelry Pouch: A Jewelry roll or pouch is a great option for keeping all of your accessories untangled and in one place. There are tons of different options to suit anyone’s preference. I happen to like the one that I linked to because it provides the additional space for a pair of sunglasses.

  • Truffle Pouches: Truffle is a company that offers a ton of travel-friendly merchandise, including an entire line of TSA friendly products. Their clear pouches are great for packing toiletries or documents inside your carry-on.

A quick note: This post does not contain affiliate links, a practice that many bloggers and influencers employ in order to maintain their platforms, which means that I do not receive any compensation when you make a purchase through the links I have listed. I have a full-time job that pays my bills. If and when that ever changes, posts will be updated to reflect that change. This post is simply intended to be helpful and informative for my readers. Thank you!

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